The Team

The Team


Lisa Vanderpump

As a passionate dog lover and a person who has been an adamant supporter of our four legged friends, I have come to a place in my life where I have found that my seven dogs have become my actual children – each with their own voice, their own soul. And they each hold a very special and dear place in my heart.
As if my seven sexy little beauties weren’t evident enough of the tender hearts these beings contain – I have had the honor of judging and partaking in the Hero Dog Awards, sponsored by the American Humane Association the past four years. I have met and gotten to know the most remarkable companions. They are so much more to us than food and they continue to prove that each and every day. They are our eyes for the blind, provide therapy for post-traumatic stress survivors, arson dogs, they have been able to detect certain cancers in humans and are companions for the companionless. Dogs are so sensitive to humans’ need they can actually predict seizures. These are just a FEW reasons (I could go on for days) why we should be as sensitive and compassionate to their needs. They are truly “Human’s Best Friend”! And to think that these poor dogs in China are being latched from their homes – tortured, beaten and boiled alive. The images that I have seen and that are contained in this website have deeply affected my everyday life. Each day that passes that this fucked up festival rages on a part of me crumbles. Our four legged friends do not receive the credit that they deserve and I want to use whatever platform I have been blessed with to gain attention to the meat trade in China and STOP YULIN FOREVER.

Please join us October 4th, 2015 in celebration of World Animal Day for a peaceful march and rally that will end at the Chinese Embassy. We do not need your money – just your support. Together we can stop Yulin Forever.

Ken Todd

Ever since I first saw the graphic images of the poor souls killed in Yulin I have not been able to sleep! There are very few things in my life that have rocked me to my core like seeing something that has always brought me such joy (my little four legged friends) being tortured, beaten and boiled alive. There are very few people that I believe can sit back and say that they want to do nothing about the Yulin massacre (not festival). We are not asking for your money, simply your time and your voice to spread the word, come to the march and continue fighting until the genocide ends.

Seeing their furry bodies crammed on top of each other in small cages has made me cry endless tears. Please help me put an end to my tears – join us and help end Yulin Forever!

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo

Pandora has been focusing on her philanthropic endeavors, which are near and dear to her heart. As well as working on the board of her family’s charity to help end the torture and abuse of dogs worldwide

Dr. John Sessa

In every chapter of my life, animals have played a very large part of the storyline. From growing up on a farm in Indiana to raising my three Chihuahuas in Los Angeles, I have surrounded myself with wonderful four legged companions. When Ken and Lisa brought this issue to me and I saw it throughout social media last June, I knew that we had to spring into action – and quickly! We cannot sit idly by and wait for another year to pass and another slaughter to occur. The Yulin “Festival” is not an ancient Chinese tradition, but a modern day genocide that started in 2009. Religious scripture, philosophical context and science can all agree that animals have the same "breath of life" as do humans and therefore, should be treated with the same respect.

This organization was founded out of necessity. I stand by the idealized philosophy that every living creature has a soul that feels deeply. These dogs that are killed each year for “luck” do not have a voice – so please help us give a voice to these amazing animals and join our march October 4th.