Upcoming Initiatives

Things that we are planning to do


1. We are planning to host a round table luncheon at Lisa and Ken’s restaurant, Pump with Governor Brown, Mayor Garcetti and Assemblyman Bloom to discuss our sister state, Guangdong and sister city, Guangzhou in China.

"Governor Brown. Tell Sister State, Canton Province, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats. California and China’s Guangdong Province are now official sister states. Yet the province is responsible for much of China’s horrendous dog and cat meat trade. It accounts for 40% of the dog meat trade and 70% of the cat meat trade in China. That's about 4 million dogs and 2 million cats - many of them stolen pets! There are established laws in Guangdong against selling dogs and cats for consumption yet these laws are blatantly ignored."

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  • We will then invite the press for a meet and greet at Pump to discuss the outcome of the round table and the next steps to ending the inhumane treatment of dogs and cats in our sister state and sister city.

    2. We are planning on address in the United Nations on a three part initiative
  • Formulate a UN division for Animal Rights. There is currently no division for international regulation or complaints for the unethical treatment of animals.
  • Use Yulin and Guangdong as the first two interceptions.

    3. We are planning to Stop Dog Torturing.
  • Help stop our Sister State and Sister City in China from torturing dogs.
  • Help us stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
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