Oct. 4th Rally


Led by Lisa Vanderpump, the world unites to end The Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival on World Animal Day
Lisa opened the day with an emotional speech talking about her involvement and need to help her furry friends. Beyond being a passionate dog lover and a person who has been an adamant supporter of humans’ four legged friends, she has had the honor of judging and partaking in the Hero Dog Awards, sponsored by the American Humane Association, for its past four years. Through her work with the American Humane Association and Hero Dog Awards she has gotten to know the most remarkable companions that truly help mankind. She cannot state it enough that “they are so much more to us than food and they continue to prove that each and every day. They are our eyes for the blind, provide therapy for post-traumatic stress survivors, arson dogs, they have been able to detect certain cancers in humans and are companions for the companionless. Dogs are so sensitive to humans’ needs, they can actually predict seizures. These are just a few reasons (I could go on for days) why we should be as sensitive and compassionate to their needs. They are truly “Human’s Best Friend”! And to think that these poor dogs in China are being latched from their homes – tortured, beaten and boiled alive. The images that I have seen have deeply affected my everyday life. Each day that passes that this heinous festival rages on, a part of me crumbles. Our four legged friends do not receive the credit that they deserve and I want to use whatever platform I have been blessed with, to gain attention to the meat trade in China and STOP YULIN.
See Recap and Live footage from Stop Yulin Forever`s peaceful march and protest

Lisa then opened the floor to Andrea Gung, the founder of Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, who gave an account of what she saw during her many visits to the Yulin slaughter house. There was not a dry eye in the audience when she revealed the tiny cage that carries up to 8 large dogs for days without food or water. Andrea also spoke of how young Chinese activists are rising up to end this ‘atrocity without borders`. Shortly after the speeches, Dr. Sessa went over guidelines and thanked Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd for his support. Rick Langley, co-founder of Stop Yulin Forever then stepped in to start and guide the march.

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